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“Reed is a versatile vocalist; jumping into the groove with vocal gymnastics and then switching it up for softer moments”


“This Is Love, is a lot like the city where it was created. From gospel to hip hop, no two tracks sound alike, but what is consistent is Reed’s unique style and voice.”


” From the outset, Sam sets herself apart from many of her R&B and soul rooted peers by bringing a raw-edge, almost punk-rock, energy to her performances.”

–  The Mighty Burners

“This is Love is an incredibly dynamic piece of work, covering a lot of sonic ground both instrumentally and vocally.”

– Atwood Magazine

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"Simply put, Sam Reed is blazing the trail for other female funk/soul R&B artists to follow; she uses her unique sound to take the “alternative” and make it something familiar again by including influences of rock, soul, jazz, R&B, and of course good ole southern gospel. It’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on the soul."

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